Tale teller

Table number 7 is occupied by the group of seven notorious gossip mongers. They were not best friends per say. But they did bond over  grapevine rumours.
One among them was a known tale teller. Nine in every ten she said were not backed by any solid data.  Her sources were unverified. And yes, she also didn’t have a tongue filter. For the sake of clarity, let’s call her Dita.
Now a lady entered the cafeteria, she tried to avoid the infamous corner. But as luck would have it, none but the chair beside 7 was the only one unoccupied and ready for any customer. By the way, her name was Mita or something similar.
The stories continued. She learnt a certain Mrs Doca had her dog chew the neighbourhood cat. And another Mr. Pan had stolen the police van. And also the elderly couple Mr and Mrs Chaiwala last year went to to Darjeeling and stole the tea making formula.
But it was only when she heard the tale a Mrs Rita, her hair rose, and her ears turned red. Cause it oddly sounded familiar resembling what transpired with her. And even more appalling was the protagonist rhyming her name with her own Mita. 
She had a glass of water, collected her breadth and left the scene not before she could see the lips of Dita curl into a lopsided grin.
Information. An evil thing
(C) Sampurna Baruah

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