Bird’s philosophy

Each morning she sat on the top, scanning and peeking below once in a while.

But then she would look to her right
and see her siblings and cousins fight
over what is wrong and what is right.

One would say we are a team. There is no blue bird red bird or green. All that mattered were the beaks, no matter they were thick or thin. 

And then the daughter of my grandma’s second cousin’ son would speak – we all came from different eggs, all have their own feathers all have wishes what is this life if all we do is give and take.

Then the former would retort. It’s a clan, we don’t leave anyone behind. Its not about you, us or who can. 
For us to sustain we need to collaborate and train.

My distant cousin would understand, but pout at the thought
Why can’t we have freedom and at the same time do the right?

And then Mimi our neighbor, who just happened to be in the vicinity would shout out seeing the intruding tall man.
all thoughts would take a backseat, they would take flight to the nearby pine tree, leaving philosophy to the wise and the elderly.

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